The folks at Beacon have done a really Outstanding job short cycling and delivering the CF34 Outer Torque Coupling to meet U S Military critical field retrofit needs this year. It would be the right move for GE to extend the current order with Beacon to continue producing these critical Torque Couplings. - General Electric Business Leader, Rotor Manufacturing Center of Excellence

Please single source the CFM 56 Shroud to Beacon Industries, Beacon currently produces similar GE parts... they have excellent delivery, cost and quality - Production Manager, General Electric Structures - Center of Excellence

Beacon is the highest rated Prime Reliable Rotor Parts Manufacturer domestically and is rated third globally behind two multi-billion dollar international corporations, each of which achieved this rating at just one of their Europen plants. Beacon should be proud of their hard work and achievements, and the fact that they can stack up against the best in the world ... congratulations and keep up the good work. - Pratt Whitney Global Quality Team Leader

I want to shake your hands, gentleman. I've been working on these housings for over twenty years and you're the first supplier to make them right. I normally have to machine them or grind them to get everything to line up, but not with yours. You guys did a nice job and the best part is they're all the same! - USAF Assembly Team Leader

... We've known for years in Operations and QA that you have the complex machining capabilities and have always been a good quality house. All you need to do is get out there and toot your own horn and the facts will support it. - General Electric Business Leader, Rotor Manufacturing Center of Excellence

I just wanted to thank you for your support on this program. You've been doing a great job for us the past year, and little by little we have been able to chip away at our over-dues. - General Electric General Manager, Structures

We were wondering if Beacon could pull 'a rabbit out of the hat' one more time in support of our mission. Even after you delivered over 600 units ahead of schedule, as you promised, we find that we need 1400 more, and we need them yesterday of course. - DOD Sourcing Specialist, Defense Supply Center Richmond

Thanks again for the opportunity to work with Beacon once again, it has been an absolute pleasure the past 14 years. - President, Industrial Turbine MRO