The U.S. Departments of the Army and Navy have granted Beacon manufacturer's approval for T700 Critical Safety Item
January 2012

Beacon received notification from the Defense Logistics Agency in Richmond Virginia that it has been approved to manufacture a rotating Inner Piston Seal for the T700 engine family. The approval process took two years to complete as the Army & Navy scrutinized every process and test procedure associated with the production of the Piston Seal. Once the process was approved by both agencies Beacon became a qualified source for the item. This approval will allow Beacon to manufacture the item for the DLA in support of Army and Navy logistics requirements. Beacon has been a key supplier to the U.S. Department of Defense for over 60 years.

Beacon is proud to announce the addition of Glenn Tuttle to its team
November 2011

Glenn brings an extensive and varied background encompassing all areas of manufacturing. His addition to and key support of the Beacon executive team will be invaluable in the areas of Strategic Development and Operational Execution keenly focused on meeting or exceeding customer requirements. Neal Bouthot, Beacon's President & CEO stated, "Rob Sarkisian and I are very excited about Beacon's future opportunities and having Glenn on our team".

The Beacon Group Announces the Acquisition of TECT Newington
November 2011

The Beacon Group, proudly announces the acquisition of TECT, Inc's Newington business unit. TECT Newington is a highly regarded manufacturer of disks, hubs, shafts, rings, and precision seals up to 90" in diameter. The combined businesses are a world class manufacturer of products requiring precision turning, milling, broaching, gear shaping, Curvic grinding and other forms of precision machining. Robert Sarkisian, President & COO of Beacon, stated "The acquisition of the TECT business gives us the strategic and commercial fit we have been seeking to extend our manufacturing leadership, particularly in the large rotating parts in which both of our companies excel. Neal Bouthot, Chief Executive Officer of Beacon, added "The work force and customer base of TECT Newington are a superb fit with the highly experienced professionals of Beacon and, coupled with unique manufacturing capabilities, create a scope and capability unmatched in the industry."

Beacon is proud to announce its participation in Pratt & Whitney's "Purepower" engine program as a key supplier of Major Rotor Components
May 2011

Beacon is currently supporting Pratt & Whitney with the development and manufacture of multiple design variations of complex machined Rotor Hubs. Beacon is responsible for tool design & fabrication, process design, tool selection, quality planning, manufacturing, production scheduling, produceabilty analysis and qualification testing. As a key member of the "Purepower" development team Beacon works hand in hand with Pratt & Whitney's design and manufacturing experts fine tuning the design for manufacturing, in a concurrent engineering environment.

Pratt & Whitney awards JSF F135 Ring Contract to Beacon
May 2011

After experiencing performance challenges with two previous large multinational suppliers Pratt & Whitney approached Beacon for assistance in producing two admittedly complex Synchronizing Ring Assemblies. Beacon embraced the challenge by offering immediate engineering support and manufacturing expertise to the current supplier, in order to solve show-stopping produceability issues. As a result, Beacon quickly produced key detail components and assisted the supplier in producing compliant assemblies in support of the JSF LRIP program. Pratt & Whitney recognized Beacon's contribution to the recovery effort by awarding Beacon a low rate production contract for the entire Synchronizing Ring Assembly in order to get qualified and establish a long term contract. This represents a significant long term opportunity for Beacon as the JSF has a projected build of 2,400 aircraft.

Beacon receives customer approval for Class 1 Major Rotor Components and enters Full Rate Production
April 2011

In Q4 2009 Beacon signed a long term agreement with a multinational Risk & Revenue Sharing Partner of the world's two largest Turbine Engine OEM's, to develop and produce (8) Class 1 Major Rotor components. As of Q1 2011 Beacon is proud to announce that it has qualified all (8) components, received full approval and entered into full rate production. The initial full rate production phase is scheduled for 2011-2013 and is expected to generate sales of $7.4 million during that period. There is the potential for a two year extension which Beacon intends to pursue upon successful completion of the initial production phase.

Textron signs Multi-Year agreement with Beacon expected to generate sales in excess of $4.0 million dollars
January 2011

2011 has started off well with the announcement of a multi-year award for structural airframe components expected to exceed $4.0 million dollars in sales for Beacon over the period of 2012 - 2016. A post award conference was held on January 10th to discuss the project, kickoff Textron online systems training and familiarize Beacon personnel with various program management tools used by Textron to monitor program progress. The next step in the process is to conduct a technical review of each component with Textron's key engineering personnel culminating in the launch of the manufacturing process development phase. Beacon is very excited about this opportunity to diversify its customer base and add a new variety of critical components to its portfolio of products and looks forward to working with key Textron team members.

GE releases $3.1 Million Multi-Year Award to Beacon.
December 2010

The year is finishing up strong for Beacon as it continues to add multi-year awards to the backlog and looks to solidify its sales bookings for 2012-2017. This was an unexpected drop-in award from GE for LM2500 Diffusers, which is over and above any LTA awards that Beacon has been negotiating with GE and are expected to be formally announced as the year winds to a close. This product is made of Rene 95, and from a complexity and size standpoint fits comfortably in the middle of Beacon's portfolio.

Beacon signs Licensing agreement with UTC.
September 2010

After an 18 month cooperative effort between UTC and Beacon to identify and evaluate potential opportunities, an agreement has been forged and reduced to writing for what both parties believe will only be the beginning of an ever expanding relationship. The agreement will potentially generate sales in the range of $3.0 - $5.0 million over the next five years, for Beacon. Neal Bouthot, Beacon's Pres. & CEO, stated that "The Beacon Group has been supporting UTC companies since 1948 and look forward to continuing the relationship and exploring every opportunity that UTC sends our way. This particular effort started out by one of us asking a very basic question and ended up with the signing of an agreement for the production of various highly engineered precision components...frankly a great result that was never anticipated".

Beacon receives multi-year awards totaling $4.2 Million for various C17 actuation system components in partnership with a major BOEING supplier partner and systems integrator.
May 2010

"This is a great new addition to our existing portfolio of products... Major Rotors, Structures, Rings and Seals and now Actuation System Components" replied Neal Bouthot, President & CEO when asked what his initial thoughts were regarding the new contracts. Neal went on to say that "starting up new products is very exciting, it gets everyone's blood flowing and peeks their interest. You can see it in their eyes when the raw material arrives, 3D models start appearing in engineering and tool designs get released to the Tool Services department... it creates a buzz and everyone wants to get involved".

Another vote of confidence from GE... Beacon signs multi-year F101/F136 Shaft and Seal agreement with GE valued at $4.6M.
May 2010

Beacon President & COO Rob Sarkisian congratulated a small group of employees who happened to be outside his office when news of the award was delivered via a call from GE. With an ear to ear grin, Rob told those within earshot "This is proof positive that we are a strong international competitor and can match up head to head with foreign competition." He explained that the components awarded to Beacon have been made outside of the U.S. for more than a decade and now they are coming back to be made in the USA.

Beacon is proud to announce that it has received BOEING supplier quality assurance system approval authorizing it to provide manufacturing services to BOEING and its key global supplier partners.
Apr 2010

Bruce Bannon, who headed up the effort to work with BOEING and its key partners commented "We started down this road in March of 2009 as I recall and worked diligently toward creating a strong relationship with our eye on becoming a long term partner. This is the first step in our journey and the people of Beacon should be very proud of their efforts so far... we look forward to offering our manufacturing services and growing a strong business in support of structural aircraft products focusing mainly on medium to large actuation systems and components. Let's face it, this is exciting stuff... I'm happy to be a part of the team that is making this happen and look forward to growing this segment of our business".

GE pleasantly surprises Beacon with a multiyear award in the amount of $2.3 Million for the production of CF34 Torque Couplings to support a major retrofit program.
Jan 2010

GE announced the award stating the new year has started off well... we have several hundred units due in 2010/2011 that the U S Government has been expediting GE for. The folks at Beacon have done a really Outstanding job short cycling and delivering these to meet U S Military critical field retrofit needs in 2009. It is the right move for GE to extend the current agreement with Beacon to continue producing these critical Torque Couplings.

Multiyear contract in the amount of $2.4 Million, for the production of F101 major structural supports (Durability Critical Items), has been awarded to Beacon by the DOD
Oct 2009

Rob Sarkisian, Beacon President and COO, notified Beacon's board of the award saying "Our proposal was evaluated based on (PPT) Performance Price Tradeoff." He explained that Beacon was not the low bidder, however the DOD recognized that Beacon's past performance relative to delivery and product quality were superior to its competition and made the award based on a "Best Value" decision. Rob smiled and concluded his announcement by saying "The true recognition of past performance is repeat business."

GE honors Beacon with $2.2 Million agreement for F404 major rotor components
Sept 2009

Beacon director Kerry Sarkisian Bouthot (Daughter of Beacon founder and former chairman Norman Sarkisian) commented "Major rotor parts have always been a strength of ours and we're proud to be able to support GE on the F404 program." Kerry went on to say "My father always told us when times are tough, somehow someway, Beacon manages to win an unfair share of business, and this is still true today as we beat out the best International players in our marketplace."

DOD issues requirements contract for J79 major rotor seal to Beacon in the amount of $500,000.
June 2009

Beacon's chairman Rob Sarkisian was pleased to receive the award after a year long bidding process resulted in the customer focusing its award criteria on delivery performance first, technical capability second, and finally price third. Mr. Sarkisian commented that "The Beacon team should be pleased with this win as its recognition of the fact that we provide delivery performance and technical capability at prices that are competitive in the global marketplace."

U.S. Navy awards Beacon $1.1 Million contract for axial compressor case used on UH-I "HUEY" and the CH-46E "Sea Knight" employed by the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps.
January 20, 2009

In 2004, the Navy sought sources to support the increased demand forecast and projected future needs forecast for a complex compressor case assembly consisting of fourteen (14) different detail components. Beacon worked closely with the Navy for two years through the initial approval and qualification phase, demonstrating its ability to manufacture complex assemblies and emphasizing its past performance producing high quality military hardware.

In 2006, after a tireless effort by both the Navy and Beacon's technical personnel, Beacon was granted source approval. This approval recognizes Beacon as an approved source to manufacture the assembly for the U.S. Department of Defense. But this was only step one. Now Beacon had to compete for an order.

Finally in 2009, after a year-long bidding process, Beacon was awarded an initial order to develop and manufacture the axial compressor case assembly.

Neal Bouthot, Beacon President and CEO, stated, "The source approval path to future business is a long and grueling journey, but I've found that if you can stick with it, you will be rewarded in the end. Winning a $1.1 million order from the world's largest customer is very satisfying at the end of the day and this project fits very well into our family of complex structural components."

GE Power Systems signs $4.5 million contract with Beacon to supply HPT disks for it's very popular, high efficiency gas turbine.
August 1, 2008

Beacon was pleased to receive its first award for LMS100 components when it was notified by GE that it had won a $4,536,000 multi-year order for major rotor disks. Production is slated to begin in 2010 and will continue for three years.

Beacon's President and CEO, Neal Bouthot, said, "Wow... this sends a strong signal to the people of Beacon that we are a viable competitor in the world aerospace market, when a customer the likes of GE awards its most critical rotating components to Beacon, an independently-owned business, after competing us against multi-billion-dollar corporations for Asia, Europe, and the U.S."